Pwede books nalang? As in plural form? Haha.

First of all, the very first series that I’ve learned to love ay yung Percy Jackson & The Olympians Series. Hindi ko na ikwukwento kung anu-ano ang story, setting, characters, plot, denouement, moral lesson, at ano bang ka-echosan. I-google n’yo na lang, tinatamad kasi ako eh. Well, ang tanging makukwento ko lang ay the story behind how I’ve managed to become addicted to this series, and eventually how I became one of those so-called bookworms na rin. It was all because of my classmates. In a way, good influence din sila dahil nagawa nila to actually influence me into reading these books.

Nang matapos kong binasa yun, I’ve learned to extend my openness in appreciating other kinds of genre. I’ve tried reading Paulo Coelho books, and my favorite so far was The Alchemist. I’ve read more, but it was my all time favorite.

- - - Update - - -

And how could I ever forget *THE* Hunger Games? (Even though I just did, lol sorry.) Yung paraan ng pagsusulat n’ya, it’s just epic. It was Intramurals last year when I began to read the first book, tapos like a month later, nakita ko yung trailer. ‘Twas then an appropriate time to barf rainbows.

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