As usual, morning assembly this morning. Last year and the preceding ones, we used to have our MA’s in the covered courts. Pero since the teachers complained and all, na wala na raw’ng time natira para sa HR. Home Room kasi is the period when our moderator makes turo-turo to us, especially in aspects of social development with my classmates. Including na rin academics.

But for us, it’s just another one hour period to make our assignments.

Oral Exam na naman namin pala sa Social Studies. You know what that means. Anyway, pangalawa akong tinawag, right after Niña. Mas madaling mabunot earlier than later, so I’ll have the whole choices for myself. 

Sa Math naman, may boardwork. Not entirely the recorded one, pero yung tipong isusulat ang answers ng assignments for checking. Out of boredom, look what happened to Pauline’s calculator!


Nang Filipino time na, Ma’am said na we’re going to have our ummm. IDK, nakalimutan ko how it’s called. Basta, we’re supposed to read our self-written tula on the platform.

Usually, this would be boring. PERO, isang malaking pero, Valentines’ yung theme dapat ng poems namin, so alam na. Puno ng asaran at kiligan, at sampalan at kidlat. Oo, so anti-climactic dahil na timing na it was a stormy day. So pwede na ring sound effects yun.

And it was like:

Noong unang panahon, damang dama ko ang pag-ibig
Sa nakaraang mahal, —

And my teacher and classmates were like


So yeah. Bukas pa pala yung turn ko. Dahil I hadn’t made one yet. Wahahaha. So yeah.

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